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MAGNUS ONE Challenge - Week 2 Recap

2021.12.01 1:00 PM

It's half time in the MAGNUS ONE Challenge. The second week is over, and the participants still have two weeks to finish their projects. The MAGNUS ONE Mini-PCs are taking more and more shape. Let's have a look at the past week together.

If you missed the first week's update, you should check out the previous recap first.

And if you have no clue, what the MAGNUS ONE Challenge is all about, you should check our landing page.


Pramod | Havok Nation

We start with an incredibly crazy concept from Indian duo Pramod. Check out these details. We sure hope this fighting robot doesn't come to life…


Ali Abbas "The Cre8or"

Last week we already saw the direction "The Cre8or" wants to go. The theme is inspired by the movie series "Alien". In the second week, Ali Abbas finished more parts for the MAGNUS ONE before moving on to the lighting soon. 


Kaleeva Custom Design

Kaleeva is still busy working on her Assassins Creed Valhalla Theme. In addition to the shield, two axes are added, as well as two drawings that look as good as if they came straight from the treasury of a True Viking.



Last week we received the first update from CzugA. He doesn't want to reveal too much yet, but it's going to be radioactive. The neon green alone is a hit! 

CzugA is probably thinking "What the... how the hell do you get the motherboard SO small?!"


Mod 83

There is also a first update from Mod 83. He gave the M.2 SSD from our partner Viper Gaming a new, industrial look. He also decided to rebuild the case with the help of a 3D printer. Judging by the new case, he probably needs more space, but for what? 


Nothing to do with the challenge, but we'll share it anyway. Mod 83 has received ultra-sweet new growth.

Meanwhile, the both blass brothers are working on two different concepts. We can't guess that much yet, but it seems to be very noble.



Last week we saw the propeller. This time he gave our MAGNUS ONE a smile. Has a little bit of the Joker vibes, hopefully Batman is around somewhere.


Explore Modding

Besides his 3D concept from last week, he started cutting out the first parts of his new case in the second week. He is using 2mm thin aluminum for this. Like SpaceX for the Starship rocket. Coincidence? 


Phenom Design

Phenom Design, like many others, is keeping a very low profile. He also wants to upgrade the MAGNUS ONE to water cooling and even uses a custom radiator for it.

He also provided us with a little teaser that we like to keep an "eye" on.


Okey, we're almost sorry for the joke.


Monstru & Gabi

With Monstru and Gabi it becomes artistic and colorful at the same time. They show us a part of the front and side panels made out of plexiglass.


Day by day it gets more and more exciting, we get more and more insights, and the mods develop more and more. We can't wait to admire the finished works of the 15 casemodders in all their glory. 

Have you already discovered a favorite for yourself? Two weeks left, and then you can vote for your favorite mod! 


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