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CI320 Non UEFI OS installation

The ZBOX C Series is set up to be installed with a UEFI OS by default, so the BIOS needs to be changed to support non-UEFI OSes. If you have a -U model (barebones) with no storage or memory installed, you will first need to install them into the ZBOX Mini PC. There is an approved list tested memory and storage online at the ZOTAC website for reference. Once installed, power on and boot into BIOS by striking the DEL key upon boot up. Once in the BIOS page, go to the boot tab, under boot OS selection, change option from UEFI WIN8 to Legacy. Save and exit (F10). Have your OS installation device bootable media (USB or DVD) plugged in, power on the unit and the installation should start. If it doesn't go directly upon boot reset the system and strike F8 to evoke the boot option. Then click your device and follow the onscreen prompts.

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