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2011.02.28 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Unleashes ZBOX AD02 Series mini-PCs

New ZOTAC ZBOX AD02 series deliver a premium high-definition computing experience with out......

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2011.02.08 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Takes GeForce® GTX 560 Ti Series to New Performance Heights with AMP! Edition

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP! Edition maximizes performance without sacrificing qualit......

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2011.02.05 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Announces H67-ITX WiFi Exchange Details

.HONG KONG – Feb. 4, 2011 – ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world’s large......

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2011.02.01 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Introduces GeForce® GT 440 Series Graphics Cards

New ZOTAC GeForce GT 440 series deliver balance of graphics performance, features and valu......

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2011.01.25 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Raises the Performance Bar With New GeForce® GTX 560 Ti Graphics Cards

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560 Ti deliver best-in-class features and performance for a superior......

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2011.01.13 12:00 AM
ZOTAC Takes ZBOX Series to SuperSpeed

New ZOTAC ID41 series introduces USB 3.0 and DDR3 technologies to the ZBOX mini-PC HONG KO......

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2011.01.11 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Updates ION-ITX Platforms

New ION-ITX R, S and T series introduce Next-Generation NVIDIA ION technology to mini-ITX ......

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2011.01.06 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Announces Blu-ray 3D Capable Mini-PC

New ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-ray 3D ID36 series bridges the gap between cinema and living room HONG ......

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2011.01.05 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Kicks Off CES with Miniature 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ Platform

ZOTAC H67-ITX WiFi combines LGA1155 socket processors with mini-ITX form factor HONG KONG ......

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2011.01.04 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Supercharges Energy-Efficient Computing

New ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-ray AD03 series powered by the AMD E-350 APU platform deliver perfect C......

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2010.12.17 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Amplifies GeForce® GTX 570

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 570 AMP! Edition amplifies gaming experience HONG KONG – Dec. 20, 2......

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2010.12.06 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Unveils GeForce GTX 570 Graphics Card

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 570 delivers exceptional DirectX 11 realism and featuresHONG KONG – ......

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2010.12.06 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Introduces Supercharged GeForce® GTX 580 AMP!® Edition

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580 AMP! Edition combines performance, energy-efficiency and reliabi......

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2010.12.02 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Unleashes Duo of AMD® 800 Series Mini-ITX Platforms

New ZOTAC M880G-ITX WiFi and 880G-ITX combine AMD 800 series chipsets with ATI Radeon HD 4......

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2010.11.15 12:00 AM
ZOTAC® Announces New GeForce® GTX 460 SE

New ZOTAC GeForce GTX 460 SE delivers perfect blend of performance, features and value HON......

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