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The MEK1 Gaming PC Audio is not working

Test with a good known pair of working headphones (iPhone or Android headphone or any headphone with 3.5mm jack)


First, ensure the playback audio device for Windows 10 is set to default for Realtek Digital Output(RCA) (this is default setting). To get to this display, right click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of the screen, click on Playback Devices.


On the front of the MEK1 Gaming PC, slide down the door, connect the headphone 3.5mm audio jack into the right audio port. The left one is for a microphone. If your headphone has a dual 3.5mm connector (green and pink colors, green = audio, pink = mic), be sure to connect the connector with the green labeling into the headphone port. 


On the rear side, connect the headphone into the Green audio port.


Once the headphones are connected, a pop up notification from the Realtek HD Audio manager should appear notifying that an audio device was connected/disconnected. 


Now test the headphones if you get sound. Play a video or audio or just go to and play a video. If you hear audio, then you're good to go. 


If you don't hear audio there could be a few things:


1. Check Device Manager under the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers that the Realtek High Definition Audio is shown there.
2. One of the users in the reviews showed that he had the same issue and that a quick trip into the BIOS to Enable the HD AUDIO fixed it. 1. Press DEL on system power on to enter the BIOS screen. 2. Go to the Features menu. 3. Go to OnBoard Device Config. 4. Change the HD AUDIO to ENABLED. 5. Press F10 to Save & Exit

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